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Automate onboarding. Maximize conversion. Enhance experiences.

Offer your customers the onboarding and user experience they deserve with our fully customizable platform for identity proofing.

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With increasingly complex regulations and the ever-present risk of fraud, a speedy and secure identity verification service can supercharge your fintech business and streamline operations.

Our KYC & AML solutions cover the following use cases:

Increase customer conversion

Comprehensive compliance checks

Superior user experience

Innovative fraud prevention

The IDnow platform

One platform for all your identity proofing needs

IDnow’s eIDAS-certified identity verification service has been optimized to meet the strictest security standards and regulatory requirements without compromising on conversion or customer experience.

Our automated identity checks eliminate the need for manual processes, resulting in faster and more efficient verification processes and customer onboarding.

Use Cases

Increase customer conversion

Verify the identity of prospective customers quickly and accurately with our automated verification service that reduces the risk of drop-off.

Ensure your customers are onboarded without delay.

Comprehensive compliance checks

Ensuring compliance with multijurisdictional regulations is no easy feat. Conduct ongoing identity verification checks to comply with regulatory requirements and monitor for suspicious activity.

Superior user experience

Offer a friction-free user experience that caters for all fintechs with our slick, streamlined and seamless identity verification platform.

Innovative fraud prevention

Protect your business and your customers with IDnow’s proprietary fraud prevention technology.

Unlock safer banking experiences with IDnow.

  • Simple integration.

    Provide consumers with freedom of choice by offering both automated and expert-assisted identity verification and document signing methods within one SDK, one app

    Orchestrate the identity platform yourself and see instant results

    Benefit from a wide range of document coverage (types of documents and origin) with up to 99% acceptance rate globally

  • Combat FinCrime and fraud.

    Combat fraudulent activities such as money laundering, identity theft, and account takeover fraud

    Leverage industry-leading fraud prevention technology (Serial Fraud Prevention via Risk Signals. Document Liveness)

    Detect suspicious activities via our ongoing monitoring services

  • Stay on top of the regulatory game.

    Benefit from the strongest regulatory compliance in Europe (eIDAS, ETSI, FIDO, GwG, PVID)

    Protect your reputation as a financial institution and adhere to AML/CTF laws

    Benefit from our partnerships with global organizations, such as Interpol

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