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Speed up driver verification. Simplify onboarding. Protect your fleet.

Get your users on the road quicker and more conveniently with our fully automated identity verification services.

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Put your customers in the driving seat.

Convenience and control are key to staying relevant in the mobility industry. Stay ahead of the competition by providing 24/7 identity services that cater to evolving consumer preferences.

Offer quicker and more convenient onboarding experiences, with IDnow’s user-friendly, speedy and secure KYC and AML solutions for the following use cases:

Identity verification

Age verification 

Contract signing

Driver’s license verification 

Automate verification for all mobility services.

IDnow’s web or mobile SDKs make it easy to integrate the capture of identity documents (such as a driver’s license or identity card) into your customers’ subscription journey.

Our services automatically check the validity of the document and extract the data in less than 12 seconds. With an additional selfie step, users can ensure they are who they claim to be.

Unlock the full potential of our convenient verification services.

Whether sharing a vehicle, or renting a car or e-scooter, users now expect to be able to complete the registration process anytime and anywhere.

IDnow’s platform for identity proofing, which includes automated identity verification services and e-contract signing, can verify users quickly and compliantly.

Use Cases

Identity verification on the go.

Instant ID verification, in combination with document and liveness checks, is designed to help mobility operators verify the identities of customers who sign up for mobility services.

With IDnow, mobility operators can carry out automated identity verification processes to quickly and securely verify driver identity, reducing onboarding time and protecting against fraud and other malicious activity in the process.

Age verification in an instant.

Checking the age of mobility users is a legal requirement and a necessary safety precaution.

Thanks to our automated identity verification service, this can be done through a simple scan of an identity document and selfie, allowing users to be on their way, with no delay.

Contract signing, whenever, wherever.

When renting or leasing vehicles, checking reams of paperwork can slow the registration and contract signing process down, and severely impact the mobility experience.

Leave manual signatures in the past, with IDnow’s eSign service, enabling your customers to sign online (remote or at point of sale) in a convenient and fully compliant way.

Safer, more secure driver's license verification.

Verifying the identity of users is incredibly important, especially when they’re renting vehicles, or using ride-hailing apps. Check the validity of a driver’s license to ensure users and providers are who they claim to be.

Whether point of sale or online, our automated identity verification services offer a reliable and fast verification of a driver’s license, to allow users to continue their journey uninterrupted.

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