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Allow seamless onboarding experiences for your telecommunication clients anytime and anywhere. Our identity proofing platform helps you meet regulatory challenges like multi-geographical regulations, fraud, language preferences, and document types with ease.

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Stay ahead of the ongoing challenges in the telecom sector.

Whether subscribing for a service, or signing a contract, customers expect seamless and fully digital multichannel experiences.

Future-proof your telecom business with IDnow’s user-friendly, speedy and multi-jurisdictional KYC solutions for the following use cases:

ID verification


Fraud prevention

Prepaid identification

Age verification


The IDnow platform

One platform for all your identity proofing needs

IDnow’s identity verification service has been optimized to meet the strictest security standards and regulatory requirements without compromising on conversion or customer experience.

Built with in-house technology, our lean, automated checks – with document verification and optionally biometric selfie and video liveness – can verify telecommunication clients within seconds.

Use Cases

ID verification

Automated ID verification in combination with document and liveness checks are designed to help mobile and telecommunication operators verify the identities of customers who sign up for a new SIM card or top-up accounts.

With IDnow, you can leverage ID verification to prevent fraud, ensure compliance with local regulations, and improve customer experience.

Simplify the sign-up process

Offering a convenient, frictionless and multi-channel customer experience should be a top priority when offering a sign-up process.

Rather than a lengthy and manual check verified by a sales assistant, empower your clients to go through the sign-up process via a mobile app, by scanning their ID document and submitting a selfie for face matching.

With IDnow, you can onboard your clients faster than inserting a new SIM card – remotely or at point of sale.

Prevent telecom fraud

Telecom fraud often involves the use of fake identities to access a wide range of value-added services, including phone packages, TV, internet, and new mobile financial services.

Our platform for identity proofing leverages our powerful proprietary fraud prevention and detection technology to enable mobile and telecommunication providers to safeguard their services against telecom fraud such as SIM swap fraud, CNP fraud, and fake subscriptions.

Age verification

Age verification is a crucial part of the sign-up process for telecom services. It helps to uphold local regulations and prevent risky and costly underage subscriptions.

With IDnow’s fully automated identity services featuring biometrics, facial recognition, liveness as well as document checks, you can get more clients through the sign-up process and keep underage users out – without compromising the onboarding experience.

Pre-paid identification

Since 2020, many countries have required customers to provide proof of identity when registering and purchasing SIM and eSIM cards, and related products.

IDnow’s multi-jurisdictional platform enables operators to onboard prepaid customers in compliance with domestic and EU regulations, while ensuring a safe and reliable environment.

Post-paid identification

Although telecom firms must retain and attract post-paid customers to increase revenue, manually onboarding new subscribers can be a cumbersome and costly task.

With IDnow’s identity verification services, postpaid subscribers are quickly approved with real-time document verification that helps identify or rectify issues and simultaneously recognizes fraudulent attempts, thereby reducing manual administrative tasks, and freeing staff to focus on customer care.

Identification at Point of Sale

Mobile and telecom operators are constantly seeking new ways to improve the customer experience, with one key area being the Point of Sale (PoS). However, paperwork and inefficient manual processes can be frustrating for the customer, and often leave no time for proper customer care.

With IDnow’s automated KYC solutions for identification at PoS, telco companies can offer a speedy onboarding experience where customers can walk into a store, buy a SIM card and become instantly identified as a pre-paid or post-paid subscriber.

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