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Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

What is a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)?

The qualified electronic signature has the highest security level of all e-signatures. In addition to the requirements for an advanced electronic signature, it is created by a qualified signature creation device, and it is based on a qualified certificate for electronic signatures.

Different standards for electronic signatures are defined by regulations in Europe and in the UK. The highest level of electronic signature is the qualified electronic signature (QES), offering the greatest security. Below this is the advanced electronic signature and then the simple electronic signature.

A QES should reliably identify the signer and protect against forgery or tampering – as with an AES. It takes security further, though, by using a qualified certificate issued by a trusted and certified provider.

With this enhanced level of security, it provides the strongest legal protection. Under EU and UK law, the QES has the same legal power as a traditional signature. The signer is protected, with the burden of proof is with the disputer.

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