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IDnow introduces fully automated identity proofing solution with CPF database checks to Brazilian gambling market

Platform solution fights underage gambling and bonus abuse, while preventing money laundering

Munich, September 5, 2023 – IDnow, a leading identity proofing platform provider, announces the integration of the Brazilian CPF database check (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas, Register of Natural Persons) into its multi-dimensional identity proofing and fraud prevention solution.

IDnow’s platform solution combines the new CPF database checks with automated document liveness capabilities, fully automated Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) services, the latter of which screen against multiple global Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Sanction lists. To detect single and serial fraud attempts, IDnow’s platform uses proprietary fraud prevention technology that collects risk signals from biometrics, documents, devices and other data sources.

Issued by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Department, the CPF document provides name, date of birth, and situation of CPF, among others, and is needed to vote, enter university, or go into politics in Brazil. The newly added CPF checks provide an additional layer of identity assurance from a trusted, federal source within the IDnow onboarding process.

In addition to the CPF, Brazilian citizens carry numerous kinds of paper-based documents with no standardized or centralized ID scheme from the federal government. Historically, this has made the automation of document proofing challenging. IDnow’s new solution addresses this problem head-on.

“We have collaborated with government and industry experts to ensure our solution delivers high automation for Brazil’s paper-based documents, in addition to an integration with the CPF database. This provides holistic, scalable identity assurance to Brazilian gaming and gambling operators. When designing our solution for the Brazilian market, we quickly realized that without the additional security step of the CPF checks, it would be easy for fraudsters to forge documents. Out of all document proofing solutions, IDnow’s is one of the only ones to implement this check into its document verification process without any extra costs to the operator. KYC should never be a burden, but an enabler and we will continue to focus on that for our customers and players”, explains Roger Redfearn-Tyrzyk, Vice President Global Gaming at IDnow.

Seamlessly verify age and protect players, platform, brand and reputation

In light of the recent move of the Brazilian government to regulate sports betting, the market is expected to grow further while operators will be looking for fully compliant solutions that stop money laundering and other financial crime in its tracks.

Redfearn-Tyrzyk explains: “One of the goals of the new regulation is to make sports betting safer for players and platforms by preventing fraud and underage gambling. IDnow’s automated solution with the integrated CPF checks can stop and protect underage individuals from engaging in gambling while still enabling a seamless and efficient onboarding that balances consumer demands for security and privacy without adding friction to their journey. Thanks to our high level of automation and orchestration, gambling providers can drive conversions and increase operational efficiencies while adhering to the new gambling regulations.”

An operator in the online gaming industry, Eyas Gaming, is already partnering with IDnow in the Brazilian market. Andrejs Cuzans, Head of Fraud, Risk and Payments of Eyas Gaming, says: “Some new players who wish to sign up will go through an automated, AI-based document verification process. After having successfully partnered with IDnow in New Zealand, Eyas is expanding the collaboration to Latin America, by relying on the wide document coverage that IDnow provides.”


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